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A historical look at Main Street in Milford Village
Run away horses. notice the electric pole? That is the NE corner of Main & Liberty. There is a street light at that intersection (not showing in this picture) so the picture was taken after 1892 and before 1900. The Presbyterian church has not been built. Run away horses, Milford Village
Linda Dagenhardt had the opportunity to hold and read this letter written by William Palmer, to his cousin in Milford, April 18, 1862. What a fantastic piece of history that has been preserved for 149 years. Notice the stationary, this was supplied by the military for men to write home on. The message is clear, preserve the Union. As the letter goes on, Will said that he is willing to suffer anything, even death, if it will bring our happy country together again. In his recent travels, he saw the little Monitor, Mt. Vernon and Joseph Jessup, who says to say hello. WilliamPalmerCivilWarLetter
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